Genetic Counseling

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Last Friday the three of us ventured to our first Genetic Counseling appointment. We didn’t have a clue what we were in for until we were in it. So there we were, undressing Pace for what felt like the millionth … Continued


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**Let me first say that I meant to post this on September 11th… but there is the tiny little boy that has taken up all of the time in my day and all of the space in my heart… so … Continued

Little happenings…

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Yesterday we went BACK to the pediatrician for yet another weight check. So far Pace has been a bit all over the map but we’re back over birth weight and right on time! Andrew coached him to think heavy thoughts on … Continued

I prefer our little bubble…

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Pace is almost 2 weeks old! Time flies when you’re having a blast, sleeping sometimes, stressed to no end and covered in milk. He’s become so alert in the recent days! We already think he’s making eye contact and understands … Continued

You have mail!

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Today Pace received his first piece of mail!  We read it to him, showed it to him  and although he seemed unimpressed I think deep inside he was pretty pumped! 🙂

September 5th

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I’ll count today as the first day moving forward after Pace’s diagnosis. Yesterday was… a mess. Yesterday I let the flood of emotion overtake me and I believe that it helped. I cried anytime the urge struck me. I let … Continued

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