The growing him phase

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The other day I was sitting around the conference room table and I realized it’s been about a year since I got pregnant, and it occurred to me just how quickly it all happened! Nine (ten) months went by so … Continued


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The best Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. The most to be thankful for. These past few days have been full of family and friends and holiday spirit. We headed to my 100 year old Grandmother’s house in Roanoke, VA for the holiday … Continued

PT, etc.

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Love Love Love this time of year. Holiday prep and festivities are something I look forward to from January on. Now with little Pace here with us, it’s all just 1,000 times more fun (and busy). As I write this I’m … Continued

Working Mom

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I’ve survived two weeks back in the office and both Pace and I are doing just fine… I mean he is… I’m getting there. I’ve actually been back to work since Pace was two weeks old but working from home … Continued

Early Intervention

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This past week we began our three year stint with Henrico County’s Early Intervention Services program. Pace’s diagnosis of Down syndrome automatically qualifies him to receive therapy until the local school system takes over. The first step was to find … Continued

Halloween & Hearing

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More good news to share, friends! Our little hero is a super HEARING hero! We are so thrilled to report that Pace’s hearing has drastically improved this past month and his most recent test showed perfectly normal results!! As shocked … Continued

2 Months of Awesome

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OK now I believe you. Time moves at warp speed when you have kids. How could he possibly be two months old??? Every day he’s less of a baby and more of a person, with a personality and preferences and … Continued

Fall Weekend

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This is just about the time of year Andrew really starts to miss the summer heat and I get really excited about the fall chill. I already can’t wait for next year when Pace will appreciate the pumpkins and the … Continued

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