11 Months!

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We are planning your first birthday party! I cannot handle it. Nor can I write about anything else because all I can think about is next month’s post: my letter to my one year old… Oy! This time last year … Continued

Double Digits!!

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You have now officially been out in the world longer than you were in my belly. I will say, these 10 months have gone by a heck of a lot faster than pregnancy! Although I still remember it so well. … Continued

Father’s Day

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We should all be so lucky to have a few great men in our lives. Luckier still to call one your dad and one your husband. Yet another stroke of good fortune when your husband turns out to be an … Continued

Curve balls

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Never in a million years did I picture needing a physical therapist for my baby boy. Didn’t know, didn’t care. My son would probably be an early walker, a soccer star. He’d run me into the ground chasing him around. … Continued

9 Months!

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              I’d like to begin this post with a heart felt apology to our kitchen table. For almost six years it sat peacefully with nothing more than a plate or elbow resting upon it. … Continued

Mother’s Day

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Two memories have stuck in my head for a few years now when I think back to when I was contemplating if I wanted to be a Mom one day. One of them is a thought I had on a … Continued

8 Months!

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Look at you, ya big 8 month old! That little helpless baby is so quickly disappearing and it makes me equally beam with pride and tear up at the thought of how quickly you’re changing. This past month has been … Continued

Mountain Getaway

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We’re not really a mountain kind of family, we don’t ski, we don’t camp. For thirty years we’ve been strictly beach people. Give us an ocean front house with lots of sunshine and cold cocktails every afternoon and we’ll call it a … Continued


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Wait, wait, wait…. you hang on one damn second. I’m not 30 yet. I’ve got a few more days of 29. I am however, mentally preparing myself for the occasion. Reflecting if you will, on what it all means; this new chapter. It is, … Continued

Published Essay

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Just wanted to share my essay published in Sasee Magazine! A women’s journal of sorts. My sister’s Mother-in-law told me about it after reading the blog so I submitted and here it is! Find the digital copy here: http://sasee.com/2015/03/01/a-motherhood-i-never-saw-coming/ ~ A Motherhood … Continued

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