Pace’s First Hair Cut

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Well, long time, no see. Dada Callihan here. Thought I’d brush off the blog with a few pics of little man’s first hair cut. Thanks should first go out to Kara at Pigtails and Crewcuts because this could have been a lot worse.  Pace walked in and selected the fire engine chair, not at all knowing what was about to happen.  It was all fun and games until the “cape” came out, which lasted about :30 seconds before we decided a little hair on his shirt wasn’t so bad compared to the threat of tears.  No super hero here.  For the next seven minutes or less things shifted between ok and not so ok. We did eventually have to break out the big guns (Baby Signing Time).  A few protests later, some angry looks and lots of hugs for Mama and we had our happy little man back minus a few ounces of mop. #ladykiller



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