Christmas Card

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Well, we slacked off again. Don’t hold your breath for our Christmas card!! We even had my fabulous brother-in-law (photog-extraordinaire) snap a few pics for us and we still couldn’t pull it off!

OR! Maybe we’re just ahead of our time; saving trees, money and time, posting digitally for all to see…. Sure, we’ll go with that.

Anywho…. Merry Christmas, friends!!!! It’s been an awesome year watching this little stinker grow. For Christmas, he’d like you to read him the same book one ga-zillion times sequentially, all the puppy kisses he can get before mom & dad turn around, and his two front teeth… well, any of them for that matter. Oh, and peace on Earth. Definitely that.



Hug on your people. Seek out joy. & Above all else, be kind. 


~ Kate, Andrew, and Pace Callihan


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