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Hello blogiverse!! Long time, no chat! A couple months of radio silence over here. No fear though, we’re here. Just oh so busy!

Kate's Iphone 1177

A little update on our main man. He’s a crawlin’, cruisin’, babbling, eating, pooping machine these days. He’s teeny tiny compared to most kiddos his age but full of personality (when he’s not being a little hermit crab). He is no fan of the loud and the boisterous folk but adores his family, his therapists and those with a calm about them. He can find you in a crowd. Before ya know it he’s in your lap with a book he’d like you to read for the 100th time.

Read and climb on Dad at the same time?

We’re working on sign language lately, standing on his own, walking and mastering the use of his loosey-goosey fingers. Low muscle tone shows up in the strangest of places! His big, gummy smile is as gummy and wide and awesome as it’s ever been and he’s got a killer laugh to go with it. Make no mistake though, friends. He can pout and protest with the best of them.Kate's Iphone 1186

His therapists remark all the time how laid back and happy he is to participate in anything they ask of him. Well…. Speech and OT that is. But I should know, we all bitch and moan to our trainers and his time with his PT is no different. She makes him really work! He loves, sorry.. LOVES books. Loves to wrestle and cuddle. Loves the bath and loves groceries. At the store, in his belly… you name it. Where he puts it, I do not know.

Thanksgiving on the floor
Thanksgiving on the floor

Since my last post things really geared up with his therapy and work and the holidays and sickness and travel…. My name is Kate and I am the proverbial chicken with my head cut off. Therapists come two or three mornings a week and leave us with lots of things to work on ‘til next time. Throw in a doctor visit a few times a month, jobs, and all of the usual running’s around one year olds typically require and it comes down to a choice of writing or sleep…. But, I digress.

I’ve got big plans to write about things like being a special needs parent and navigating the world of Early Intervention; my struggles trying my damnedest not to compare him but to celebrate; the support I’ve found through total strangers on social media… things of that nature. Heavier things that require more brain power than I have just now. For now I shall continue my amazon hunt for Christmas 2015 instead! Serious bizz. Chat soon(ish)!

Annual trip to Hotel Roanoke
Annual trip to Hotel Roanoke
these two....
these two….
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  1. Aunt Darlene

    So glad you could share this! It’s wonderful the little guy is busily learning more about his world! I love to see the pictures and THAT smile! Love, love, love him!

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