The Amazing Raise 5k – Our Race for Pace!

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I think you should consider yourself lucky in life if you’ve got a few good friends. Well last night our family counted about 65. A few months ago we decided to make a team for a local fundraising race and our people showed up for us a in a major way.


Now, most of our team consisted of those who’ll take any excuse for a workout and for that we know they are people after our own hearts. But on a work night, in the rain, they all came out to run and walk with us in support of our little guy and other kiddos in Richmond with Down syndrome. We raised a lot of money. A LOT of money. But, even more than that our team told us, you’re not alone in this. We’re here.


Team Race for Pace was largely a sea of red…. Endorphin Fitness red. The organization Andrew has worked for now a few years. I always say that he found such a supportive place to work, more so a community, just when he was about to need it most. So when 45 or more of them signed up I wasn’t even all that surprised. That’s just what they do. They rally.  The people who work there and the people who train there are all on a mission to get stronger, faster, better. But as is Endorphin’s true purpose, last night they lifted us up. We couldn’t fall asleep hours later, high on their love and support.


And to our friends and family who came out, some I haven’t seen in a long time, your presence meant more than you probably know. To those who stood in that parking lot in the dark, waiting to see how much we’d won, thank you, thank you. The Amazing Raise 5k was a wonderful experience for us. One we won’t soon forget. Pace has no idea what he accomplished last night but the $3800 we won will go to help local families like ours get the support they need and deserve.


At 4:30 this morning Andrew and I met in the kitchen for a long hug, happy tears in my eyes. In the past four weeks we’ve had three doctor visits, two physical therapy appointments and two occupational therapy appointments. We’ve got another therapy session this morning. Sometimes it feels like a lot. But Pace brought us all together for a run in support of a community of people who need it. We might not otherwise be so aware. We might not otherwise have gotten together to catch up. We might not otherwise have gone for a run. How cool is that?

So to our team members and to our friends and family who love on us and to those who always ask how they can help, we owe you! If there is a cause close to you, if you ever need a thing… a hand or an ear or a run, we’re here!



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