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We’re fresh off a week at Emerald Isle, our annual Ziehl family tradition to round out each summer and Pace’s first trip to the beach! Andrew and I are toasty brown but feeling like we need another few days off. Pace has been trying his best to catch up on sleep but frankly seems a little bored without all of the commotion.



Two years ago Andrew and I sat with our toes in the water, drinks in our hands, and decided maybe we’d try for a baby in the future. Little did we know I’d be pregnant by November and ready to pop by the time the next trip was upon us. We missed that year, saving our time to be with Pace. Talk about full circle, bringing our boy with us two very short years later.

A few things were a little different this year. We were without part of our usual crew, and not in our usual house. But the biggest difference of all weighs in at approximately 18 lbs. Though he be but so itty bitty, he really did a number on our typical vacation routine. In the past, it went as follows: whatever the hell we wanted, whenever the hell we wanted. No longer, my friends. There are the meals that take three times as long when you’re learning to feed yourself. And you can only go but so far watching a kiddo snooze through a monitor. And to get him ready to go to the beach? Well there is ALL THE SUNSCREEN, a swim diaper, swim suit, SPF 1 million swim shirt, hat, toys and one hundred other things just to get down to the beach so he could veto the sand with all of his might. Oy. Luckily he loved the pool, and Nana and Opa who are always willing to love on him. 

At the aquarium!
At the aquarium!

Other than baby tending duties, we slept great, got in some good workouts, ate well thanks to Opa, soaked up too much sun and enjoyed the time with family. As usual we spent most of our nights letting Pace and Isla entertain us. Baby watching is fascinating. We already can’t wait to go back next year. Hoping for better luck with the sand!!



Now all that’s left to do this summer is celebrate one really special little dude’s first birthday. Hopefully Mama can hold it together.


Isla getting ready for a run with her Aunt Kiki.
Isla getting ready for a run with her Aunt Kiki.


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  1. Aunt Darlene

    The little man looks like he loved it! His smile is adorable! Glad you had a good time.

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